I don’t just believe that words have power. I believe that words are power.

Used right, they can bring hordes of customers to your door, begging for your product/service.

Used wrong, they can bring hordes of bad reviews to your business, sending it into the dark pits of oblivion.

Which is why you don’t want a writer who simply strings a bunch of words together to fill up white space. You want someone who goes out of her way to get to know your business inside-and-out, help you decide the best course of action for it, and (surprise! surprise!) use words to devastating effect.

Incidentally, that someone is me.

I’m Issa Mirandilla, your friendly neighborhood blogger-for-hire. I love hunting for interesting facts around the Internet, posting/writing about the same, and weeding out B.S. through my state-of-the-art B.S. radar.

Also, I write fiction, read books, and bathe in the beauty of life whenever I can.

Think we can work together? Then check out my portfolio to see more of what I can do for you, and/or drop me a line here. Hope to hear from you soon!